Fish Eyes the play

The Story                                                                    


A routine morning in a small fishing town. Two brothers - fishermen who had a poor catch last night. They have no idea their luck is about to change with regard to their fishing and the rest of their lives.

A stranger approaches. He's different - simple but wise, vulnerable but strong. And he invites them on a journey. They soon learn more about him and in the process, themselves. As they begin to travel with him, they get a glimpse of what their lives could be. But their feet are still planted very firmly on the earth. It will be a long journey, full of surprises, questions, confusion, pain, joy and miracles.

The story of Jesus and the disciples has fascinated us for two thousand years. Fish-Eyes is another look at how this God-man affected the world, and specifically, two very human beings along the way - Peter and Andrew.

It's humorous, identifiable, simple, moving...and true.

Fish-Eyes, the play - performed by Rod Armentrout and Mark Demel.